My Websites

Over the last few years I have been delighted to design and create (working with a genius programmer) websites for some great people and organisations including the following:

The Tropical Agriculture Association:

The Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA) is a professional association of individuals and corporate bodies concerned with the role of agriculture for development throughout the world.

A beautiful area in Transylvania:

The Tarnava Mare area of South-eastern Transylvania is one of the forgotten jewels in Romania’s crown. It is one of the Europe’s most important natural and cultural landscapes, including some of the finest pristine wildflower rich grasslands – the result of centuries of good husbandry by local farming communities, who are still managing the land today in a way that has long protected the countryside and created a unique sense of place.  Its a fantastic place- visit it while you can!

A beautiful place in England (that is very close to my heart):

  • Visited by many in their childhoods staying at Dovedale House and the Youth Hostel at Ilam Hall
  • Studied by many as students of ecology, geology, history and landscape
  • Treasured by the National Trust for its history and special environment
  • Enjoyed by many for its stunning beauty
  • But mostly loved and valued by the community who live and care for this special place

Tiraholms Fisk, a wonderful place in Southern Sweden, producing the tastiest fish ever!

Tiraholms Fisk is a family business on the banks of Lake Bolmen near Unnaryd in Southern Sweden. Their main activity is fishing Lake Bolmen with environmentally friendly fish traps. The family also have a small trout farm, a fish smokery, a fish shop and a wonderful restaurant.

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