10 Top Tips for the Best Father of the Bride Speech

Here at the Haybarn at Beechenhill Farm we have heard many many speeches.

Wedding at Beechenhill Farm, Peak District National Park

Ethical Wedding at Beechenhill Farm, Peak District National Park, in the heart of rural England

Because we are working and making sure the weddings here go like clockwork, we always listen attentively to the speeches. Whether it’s a nervous first time public speaker or a consummate showman, the father of the bride’s speech has a massive impact on the feel of the day.   It’s once in a lifetime that a doting Dad has the opportunity to speak from the heart about his girl.  We can share the success factors we have witnessed.  Here are ten top tips for the BEST Father of the Bride speech:

1. Most importantly be kind.  Leave the laddish stuff to the best man, your daughter will remember her father’s words for the rest of her life so make sure she remembers your love, kindness and support.

2. Welcome your new son-in-law.  Be kind and welcoming to your new son-in-law and his family; this moment can set the tone for the rest of your lives.

3. Plan it.  Use postcards to write bullet points or all the words, use a treasury tag or loop of string to hold them together in the right order.  These will neatly fit into your suit pocket.

Steve Martin in 'Father of the Bride' didn't always get it right....

Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride’ didn’t always get it right….

4. Keep it short.  Everyone will appreciate it.  A ten minute speech seems about perfect!

5. Keep it up-lifting, true, honest and from the heart.  There are very few times in our lives when we can talk about what really matters, this is one.

6. Mull over ideas.  Jot down notes, words and ideas in the weeks before the wedding when something occurs to you.  Try not to leave it to the morning of the wedding!

Don't leave anyone out of the welcomes and thank yous!

Don’t leave anyone out of the welcomes and thank yous!

7. Welcomes and thank yous.  Speeches often mention family members, Mum, Gran, sisters, brothers dogs, cats and hamsters etc. Double check that you haven’t missed out anyone important.  Get your partner to look over the speech – just in case…

8. Always consider using a microphone.  Trust the venue hosts, they will advise you what is best.  If there are children in your party they will inevitably make noises (they want to join in!).  Their parents feel embarrassed and often take their children out for the duration of the speeches.  Using a mic means that everyone can hear clearly and parents usually stay.  If you are going to use a mic have a practice first.

Use a microphone if advised by your venue hosts.

Use a microphone if advised by your venue hosts.

9. How much to drink?  Try not to have much to drink before you speak.  You will want to have your wits about you and remember the wonderful reaction to your words!

10. Take your time, don’t rush, enjoy every minute of your beautiful girl’s special day, speak up and don’t worry if you shed a tear or two- most Dads do!

At Beechenhill Farm, our organic farm on the Staffordshire, Derbyshire border, we believe in real eco-weddings for real people.  We give you the space and the place to enjoy your perfect day (even if it rains!).  Local foods, local musicians, a beautiful environment in a stunning National Park landscape, all make for a weekend that will last for your lives together.  xxxx

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