The Battle of Orgreave 1984

Folk art egg tempera painting of the Miners strike, battle at the Orgreave coking plant 1984

The Miner and the Horse II 71 cm x 107 cm egg tempera on canvas by Sue Prince

I produce Swedish style, egg tempera folk art paintings.  In Sweden this is known as a ‘Bonad’ -a decorative wall hanging (plural is Bonader).

This painting ‘the Miner and the Horse II’ came about because while researching mining on the internet before an exhibition in the Museum of Cannock Chase (a former miners’ training school), I kept seeing photographs of battle scenes that reminded me of the medieval battles painted by Paolo Uccello in 1432

Paolo Uccello's Battle of San Romano

The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello 1432

I saw on the internet a modern medieval battle, I wanted to record that in the way these events used to be recorded.  I grind pigments with a little water, then mix with egg yolk to produce a beautiful paint that works so well on gesso- rabbit skin glue and chalk.

I wanted this painting to look beautiful and therefore shock the view on closer inspection.  Surely we can’t still be having such battles?

The Miner and the Horse I is below and depicts the pit pony and his relationship with the miner.

egg tempera, Swedish style Bonad painting The Miner and the Horse I by Sue Prince

The Miner and the Horse I by Sue Prince

My Bonader are available as prints, postcards and original paintings

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3 Responses to The Battle of Orgreave 1984

  1. Andy Tickle says:

    Sue, love these – a fantastic modern interpretation! Might be down your way this weekend. Any chance of seeing them (and you!)? Andy

  2. sueprince says:

    It would be lovely to see you- anytime! We are in all weekend.

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