We LOVE our Cows

We seriously love our cows.
You can’t spend days and months and years with any animal without
getting to know them and appreciate their characters and quirks.  Today we let our bonny organic cows out for the first time since Oct.

They skip and bounce, buck and gallop.  It is fantastic to see such huge creatures, normally regarded as slow and lumbering, be so animated and lively!

Cows are bright intelligent animals.  We have one in particular; she was called
Amelia but is now called Bang Bang Amelia.
Here is her story.  Bang Bang Amelia

Living with cows gives you an extra dimension.  We are surrounded by huge, benign creatures  who are connected to our organic soil with all four feet and who eat our organic grass, herbs and flowers and allow us to harvest rich creamy delicious  milk.

Because they are organic, they aren’t pushed to produce more  than they are comfortable with.  They  have long and happy lives, and we LOVE them!

Beechenhill cows

Beechenhill cows coming up for milking

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3 Responses to We LOVE our Cows

  1. pottijo says:

    I love your cows too! Lovely girls.

  2. Tracy Muir says:

    Lovely post – and I love your Bang Bang Amelia story too – very entertaining (and cute!).

  3. They look really happy to be free!

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