Dovedale, add music and walk

I have just been sent this video on Twitter  by

It’s blown me away- this is where I live, this is where I have lived for 26 years.  I have often seen Dovedale looking like this.  My family and I take most of our local walks during the winter, when things are less busy on the farm.  We love the, runny nosed, steamy spectacles, rosy cheeked stagger down the side of the Dovedale gorge on the well maintained but precarious National Trust footpath, where our bodies are too fast for our legs on the precipitous downward plunge.

The thing about winter in Dovedale is that with the verdant and abundant leaves shed, you can see through the trees to the underlying drama of the rocks.  During Victorian times when thousands of tourists enjoyed day visits from the surrounding industrial cities, there were hardly any trees and the gorge’s dramatic architecture was on show and consequently quaintly named, Lion’s Head Rock, Jacob’s Ladder,  Reynard’s Cave and the like.

Today it’s a heavily wooded valley and only those who walk in winter can admire the secrets then revealed.

I love my place and seeing it in Terry’s video accompanied by the stunning sound track makes my heart beat faster with pride, joy and delight.

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