Our Organic Raw Milk Phenomenon

All of a sudden we started getting requests for our raw organic milk.  By internet and telephone; people from a radius of about 30 miles, from the Peak District, Staffordshire and Sheffield,  have contacted us hoping we can supply our organic milk to them.  We make no claims for our product but these dedicated raw milk drinkers do!  Our family drinks it every day because we trust the process and know our cows.

Contented organic milk producers

We are told that it has helped sufferers of eczema, asthma and allergies.  It must do something for them, to keep them travelling here – never mind the weather!

They call to check we have milk in the tank (it’s collected every second day) and then they turn up.  They bring their own sterilized containers and take considerable quantities of milk away- to drink, cook and freeze.

The families who come often have a clutch of rosy cheeked children (wearing wool), tumbling out of a sturdy old vehicle. Others are earnest young Muslims or twinkly eyed Sikh gentlemen.

There is a massive movement in the US advocating the consumption of raw milk and there are many who believe we shouldn’t be drinking milk at all. 

Dairy farming produces quite a large carbon foot print, although organic milk production is less destructive than conventional, partly because no artificial nitrogen fertiliser is used.

Here at Beechenhill we have reduced our overall carbon footprint by almost 50% by installing a biomass boiler instead of old oil boilers for our accommodation.  We also have plans to harness some of the methane given off by our dairy cows, in a small biodigester system.

But overall, I just love the fact that our simple organic milk is that basic natural product that pleases real people from such different backgrounds.

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3 Responses to Our Organic Raw Milk Phenomenon

  1. Jayne says:

    Hi Sue – thought this might be of interest:


    Maybe if Beechenhill supplied Waitrose you could introduce your fantastic product to a wider audience 🙂

    All best for 2011!

    • sueprince says:

      Thanks- a really thoughtful article. Its maddening when you think that huge quantities of organic milk is being exported to France and Germany because their Food Standards organisation came out with some positive reports about the benefits of organic food. What a shame our FSA won’t share this vital info with UK consumers. Why??

  2. Charles Butler says:

    Powerful lobbies from large producers who aren’t interested in nutrition; only profit.

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